Fortunately, I’ve had a solid idea of what I want my newsletter to be about since the onset of Media Entrepreneurship class.

With knowledge and passion for content creation, I am confident in my ability to create a newsletter on Margate City, NJ, a place where I’ve lived more than half of the summers of my childhood.

Listening to “So You Want to Launch a Newsletter” and understanding the business side of ideas/pitching facilitates me in setting goals for my Margate newsletter.

First, I want to take this newsletter seriously. I’m luckily a student with job interviews ahead of me, but there’s a clear reality that many journalists have to come up with backup plans. If I do this correctly in the beginning, there will be an opportunity to monetize my work. If I continue to work hard on developing my ideas, there could be opportunities to expand (and ultimately profit more).

  • I have plans for expanding into Cape May county (Avalon, Stone Harbor, Wildwood) as my dad grew up there. His mother still owns property in Avalon!

An idea brought up in the podcast is thinking in a way that you have just quit or lost your job. You are starting a company, or newsletter, and need to find a source of income. How do you get yourself started and off of the ground? How do you keep growing and keep up the momentum?

This relates to the idea of paid vs. unpaid content. Selling all of my content seems great, in theory, but I’m not established enough. I must “pass the sniff test,” as in giving enough accurate information that “experts” will let it slide, but the common reader will breeze through and enjoy.

In my case, I would lose opportunities by making all of my content paid-only. The freemium model, as spoken about in the podcast as well as in class, seems like the best option to start. I think 25% paid and 75% free content seems reasonable.

The podcast really helped me believe in my newsletter. The idea that people are paying for your content, your voice and personality and your expertise is exciting (but also frightening)! I am hoping to garner a large following while staying authentic/true to my writing style.

In learning about pitches, I know I have a case for my idea. I believe in its value with originally uninformed, but now informed optimism. Getting into nitty gritty details of my idea doesn’t seem as overwhelming as it did before.

I am ecstatic to bring in some graphic design and marketing knowledge to create a brand image and identity. The problem of not having Margate-specific content will be solved by a simple newsletter subscription to me!

I’ve worked on content for Margate in the past. For now, I am ready to gather what I’ve already done and present it in a new way to introduce my newsletter.

Madison Ave beach on a cloudy day in Margate City, NJ.

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