I’ll be going ‘solo’ with my newsletter in less than two weeks. I’m excited by this fact and I hope others in my class are too. We’ve all put great time and thought into our original ideas and came out with fantastic solo newsletters.

I spent time listening to the Media Voices podcast and was able to relate to Casey Newton, creator of the newsletter Platformer, right off the bat.

Newtown said that his mindset shifted when he started to believe in the value of his individual writing. Lucky for him, he got to start with an email list from his previous work. He then had to tackle the challenge of getting subscribers that didn’t pay for content to now pay for content.

It seems like this came easy to Newton as he brought up the idea to others and it just made sense…

As much as journalists hate to admit it, our writing can only take us so far. I believe in pursuing what you love and hoping it pays the bills, but it can be hard! The lessons I learned this week about newsletter growth were practical and will be useful as I try to grow my own newsletter.

I came to Lehigh convinced I would be graduating from the College of Business. I spent my first semester studying in Rauch, but my plans shifted as I found out where my true passion lies, which was in journalism and communications.

I always…

We owe Mr. Snyder a big ‘thank you’ for the insightful advice offered in his entrepreneurial journalism paper. Connecting the need for health and tech entrepreneurial journalists with my travel subject seems challenging, but it will make my column more valuable.

The town I’m exploring is home to many affluent families. Amy Rosenberg, feature writer for the Jersey shore at The Philadelphia Inquirer, explores the great migration to the shore that happened this year because of the pandemic.

Check it out here!

I mention this article because it talks about disposable income in the area. Many people in Margate are…

It’s time to share my prototype! This makes me nervous and uncomfortable, but I am ready.

Shoobies of the Shore is my first real world journalism endeavor. I am sharing it with a group that I feel really connected to. I want, and need, it to be taken seriously.

Luckily, Millie Tran, editor of mobile news at BuzzFeed, had some experiences to share about launching their BuzzFeed News newsletter.

Step 1 — create a prototype

  • I want my prototype to explain who I am and what I am doing. …

What does a ‘Shoobie’ know about Margate?

And what does that title mean now?

Those who actually spend time here know it, but we’re not all the Shoobies that Wikepedia makes us out to be:

Shoobie is a New Jersey, Delaware, and Southern California slang term for a tourist who visits the seashore for a day (a daytripper) or summer-only residents.

That’s me: a lifelong summer-only resident. Hailing from Lafayette Hill, PA, I know the weekly summer drives ‘down the shore.’ I’ve braved it through Center City, Philadelphia, the summer after getting my driver’s license just to get to Margate. …

According to Caitlin Berve, your ideal reader is the person your writing is best fitted for. Whether a real person or not, an ideal reader is someone who is attracted to your writing and will stay with you.

My ideal reader is any Margate resident!

The subject matter of my writing will resonate with many age groups, but I need to consider that some people are daylong beachgoers/summer residents rather than full time residents. In Margate, there is a divide between the ‘shoobies’ and full time residents. The way I write about Margate should be universal for both audiences.


Fortunately, I’ve had a solid idea of what I want my newsletter to be about since the onset of Media Entrepreneurship class.

With knowledge and passion for content creation, I am confident in my ability to create a newsletter on Margate City, NJ, a place where I’ve lived more than half of the summers of my childhood.

Listening to “So You Want to Launch a Newsletter” and understanding the business side of ideas/pitching facilitates me in setting goals for my Margate newsletter.

First, I want to take this newsletter seriously. I’m luckily a student with job interviews ahead of me…

What’s it going to do for me?

Over the past week, I’ve learned about something I should constantly be thinking about in a new age of media. For my future newsletter to be successful, I need to aggregate and curate meaningful content.

The Huffington Post has promoted the idea of aggregation and its ability to give prominence to otherwise unheard voices and to bring together and serve intensely engaged audiences.

As I look back to some of the stories I’ve written for The Brown and White, I think about how I could have used aggregation to give readers more information.

For example, I covered Pete Souza, former…

Something we should constantly be thinking about!

Service journalism makes sense.

As said in the RJI article by Pete Pachal, service journalism “is a new term for an old idea: giving readers good, practical advice — what to buy, where to go, how to do a certain thing — to make their lives easier”

Service journalism is reader focused.

Pachal said it best again, the reporter’s lens moves from the subject to the reader.

This note was interesting because I’m so used to writing content based on the subject at hand. I’ve spent time reporting on different beats for The Brown & White. In most of them…

As we progress through Media Entrepreneurship, I find myself connecting the lessons I’m learning in assigned readings and TED Talks to various aspects in my life.

I immediately connected to Austin Leon in “Steal Like An Artist.”

I’ve had the same exact lesson in my design courses, and Leon summed them up perfectly. As a designer, you are taught to “steal” little designs and make little changes. The more changes you make, the more unique and original your design becomes. Ultimately, it becomes your own.

Leon explained that he was creating art that already had a 250 years of history behind it. He was accused of being inauthentic and critics said he ripped off those who came before him.

So how can you be original?


Caroline Coffey

call me cici @lehighu | journalism & graphic design | i love creating content!

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